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It's been a busy six months for Jo Anna Garcia and Nick Swisher, who welcomed their firstborn daughter on Tuesday, May 21. He went on to play baseball at Ohio State University before being drafted by the Oakland A's in 2004.In December 2012, the Cleveland Indians signed Swisher to a four-year, million contract, meaning the New York-based couple would be raising their family in Swisher's native Ohio. We've never had a major decision like this before." PHOTOS: Celebrity baseball fans According to the athlete, the Cleveland Indians' "family atmosphere" was a strong selling point. PHOTOS: Young Hollywood moms "I knew we were coming home in a sense for Nick," said Garcia, best known for her roles on The CW's . And I've never felt so incredibly embraced and taken care of, from the organization to the incredible wives to Nick being embraced by all of his teammates.While she was still in high school, the 5’5″ redhead divided her time between her home state and Montreal, where she filmed Nickelodeon’s for two seasons.After her freshman year of college at Florida State University, Garcia decided to put school on hold to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in L. Once there, she soon appeared on television shows such as .

Blake [Lively] was just gorgeous and wonderful and lovely. He had driven to the stadium, so we went back to his apartment to drop his car off and decided to have a cocktail there. Jo Anna: We literally talked—nothing else but talked for four hours till the wee hours of the morning. He was super humble, but he also had this cocky flair about him, which I really love. He talked about what he wanted out of life and his picture of what his life would look like. It was one of those moments where you meet the right person at the right time, and maybe it wouldn't have worked five years ago because we still had some living to do... It was just one of the moments where..said, "I know I'm a ballplayer and there's a negative connotation to that, and I'll never disrespect you and I won't play games with you. And I did tell him I loved him before he said it to me. We were on a road trip together, and I just blurted it out. " and I said, "I love you." He said it back right away, but he likes to hold that over my head! Obviously be safe and be protective of your body and your heart, but I feel like nobody can disrespect you unless you really allow them to.My father adores me and always picks up the phone when I call, and he loves me through it all and exactly for who I am, the good and the bad, and that sense of security made it very easy for me to acknowledge when something was really good. She ended up having a broken femur, and I took her to the vet. Jo Anna: I just want my daughter to take the time to do those things.I don't want Emme to be afraid of making mistakes. It was actually very intimidating in a weird way because most of my career has been spent in comedy. We had to get her surgery, but we ended up finding a home for her. We can all get so busy in life, and there's nothing wrong with that, but being able to be in the moment.I want her to love hard and love with reckless abandon and live these love stories—and obviously be very careful and very safe and cautious. But there is such a camaraderie there and such a chemistry that I was super nervous, but then almost instantly it was all washed away. If there's someone in need, take the time to say hello, see how they are, give a smile, whatever it may be.Glamour: Speaking of gynecology, how's this for a transition: You were on last season. Just slow down life a little bit and take it all and live your life with a lot of gratitude.

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